Mei Kwin creates highly functional pieces while accentuating its artistic value, drawing inspiration from daily life.

One aspect of her work is combining a passion for food and ceramics; Mei Kwin's work blends the artistry of fine dining with the functionality demanded by chefs.  She works with chefs to amplify the sensory experience of food so that it becomes a complete expression of art.

Simply put, the chef’s creation is the art, and Mei Kwin's ceramics are the canvas.

Mei Kwin's clients include Simon Rogan's Fera at Claridges, Nuno Mendes' Viajante, Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, and other private clients. She graduated from Kensington & Chelsea College under the guidance of Akiko Hirai and has worked at The Chocolate Factory in Stoke Newington. She currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

Mei Kwin sells her work only through private commission.  For inquiries contact her through